EV Charging Policy

Due to fire safety risks, the use of EV charging through your accommodation/caravan/lodge or any other power supply at Lilliardsedge Holiday Park is strictly prohibited. Our park’s power supply is only installed, set up and regulated for the accommodations and facilities we manage on site.

Charging your EV vehicle through our parks power supply is a major safety issue. We have had a number of overloads and red hot 3-pin plugs. There have already been incidents around the country of extension cables catching fire. We dread to think how the conversation between caravan/lodge and car insurance would go in the event of any sort of a loss.

We also prevent the use of standard 13A 3-pin charging on any external socket.

Anyone caught charging their EV will be automatically charged £50 from their pre authorisation deposit.

If you do wish to charge your electric/hybrid vehicle the nearest charging stations are in Jedburgh Canongate Carpark TD8 6BE.

Please oblige and thank you for your understanding.