Hot Tub Rules

Terms & Conditions – Hot Tubs & Pre-Authorisation

The pre-authorisation is an amount of money held by you bank. By agreeing to the pre-authorisation, you understand that any damage, breakages or excess cleaning to the hot tub, accommodation or decking area will be charged to your account after departure. The pre-authorisation can take up to 5 working days to automatically release after departure. This can vary depending on the bank.

We hope that using the hot tub is a pleasurable and relaxing experience; however, for your safety and enjoyment there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to when using the hot tub. Before we can allow you access to the hot tub, we require you to read and understand the following safety guidelines. Once you have read these guidelines, please submit your acceptance via the link. The signatory is responsible for making sure that all members of their party strictly adhere to these guidelines.


Please treat the hot tub as if it is your own as maintenance is very expensive. Any damage to the lid, vinyl cover, lifting system, filtration etc. will be charged for. Furthermore, any maintenance required as a result of the introduction of pollutants (including soap, shampoo, alcohol etc.) will also incur an extra charge.

Rules and regulations for hot tub use

  1. To reduce the risk of injury the water in the hot tub should never exceed 40°C. Water temperatures between 37°C and 40°C are considered safe. Lower water temperatures are recommended for extended use (over 15 minutes) Extended use can increase the risk of hyperthermia.
  2. To avoid burns please test the water with your hand before entering the hot tub to make sure it is comfortable.
  3. To avoid causing water contamination please shower and use the toilet before entering the hot tub or swim spa
  4. Do not apply or wear sun tan lotions, spray tans or skin creams prior to entering the hot tub.
  5. Children under 4 years of age must not enter the hot tub, or those unable to keep their head above the water level when sitting in the seated position.
  6. Extreme caution must be exercised to prevent unauthorised access by children. To avoid accidents, children must be supervised by an adult at all times when using the hot tub. Please make sure that children are careful when entering or exiting the hot tub and please remind them that wet surfaces can be very slippery. To reduce the risk of injury, lower water temperatures are recommended for young children as children are especially sensitive to hot water.
  7. To avoid risk of electrocution under no circumstances must the operating panel be removed from the hot tub.
  8. To avoid risk of electrocution you must not use any electrical items whilst using the hot tub.
  9. To avoid risk of injury please do not remove the suction fittings (filter standpipes) located in the filter compartment.
  10. Be cautious of wet surface! Remember that these can be very slippery so please take great care when entering and exiting the hot tub.
  11. Do not jump into the hot tub.
  12. People with infectious diseases should not use the hot tub.
  13. Keep any loose articles of clothing or hanging jewellery away from the rotating jets or other moving compartments.
  14. Please keep long hair tied back at all times whilst bathing in the hot tub.
  15. Do not stand or sit on the hot tub cover.
  16. Please be aware that the use of drugs, alcohol or medication before, or during hot tub use, may lead to a danger of drowning.
  17. Persons using medication should consult their doctor before using a hot tub. Some medication may cause drowsiness, while other medications may affect heart rate, blood pressure and circulation.
  18. Persons using medications that induce drowsiness such as tranquillisers, antihistamines, or anticoagulants should not use the hot tub.
  19. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before using the hot tub. Pregnant, or possibly pregnant, women should limit the hot tub temperature to 38°C. Failure to do so may result in permanent injury to your baby.
  20. Persons suffering from obesity, or with a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory problems or diabetes should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.
  21. Please be aware that prolonged immersion in hot water can result in hyperthermia – a dangerous condition that occurs when the internal body temperature exceeds 37°C. Symptoms include unawareness of impending hazard, failure to perceive heat, failure to recognise the need to exit the hot tub, foetal damage in pregnant women and unconsciousness resulting in a danger of drowning. The use of alcohol, drugs or medication can greatly increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hot tubs.
  22. Do not use the hot tub immediately after strenuous exercise.
  23. Do not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  24. Always keep your head above the water.
  25. Do not exceed the maximum amount of bathers (one per seat)

Acceptance of our terms and conditions confirms your acceptance of these guidelines and confirms you agree to adhere to them.